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2 years ago

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Andy was all unplanned, and I have sex often and other fantasies telleach as fuck, both said to each other in the way they want to be with a group of men with me, I love to be submissive. So Tuesday night we went to a restaurant in the West End, for a whole meal on the table next to us were age 3lads 25ish years, I have 32 of 12 points, andys 34 am, drank pornerbros a little and keep joking with us , which took me to dinner, we join in the joke not to think about anything like that, when we rose to leave the boys said, "exactly where they 've all gone to " let go, a bar, so we went with them. The bar was pretty busy, so wrapped in pornerbros the corner, the kids started asking questions irrelevant, as the time we were together before having sex, how many partners they had, etc, etc, men wanted to know if I get the clothes sexy underwear, as I said I am of course, but I just had my pants on and above the level as it only came to eat, said one of the mengo, go and buy a sexy dress, we were close to Tottenham pornerbros Court Road, and he knew there was a kind of Ann Summers shop in Charing Cross Road (These operations until dawn ) Andy said with a smile, can we go to the store came out and was full of imagination tarty kind women's clothing, men carried a sexy stockings suspenders (what a surprise ) outfit with a SeeThru black dress, all the cheap stuff, fun, I went to try Andy came with me the dressing room I told him what we're doing here with these guys, you just said do what you said, you submissive, the two could live one of our fantasies tonight. My pornerbros stomach turned with excitement and nerves that my nipples pornerbros felt a tingling, Andy said to stop talking to him. The team equipped, and the guys that was for me, but on one condition, one must look back to his hotel and left me there, Andy said he was fine release, only a few minutes walk from Russell SQ I tinglingand rocking around the Wat there. we have one of their rooms and the guys said ok let's start the show, I went to the bathroom, I trembled as I put the league average, I left all my underwear and put other SeeThru dress, I found last forever, I was concerned were probably laughing at my bra strap marks and the line in my underwear, I entered the room and it was all good, I sat on the couch and said, "is pornerbros clear enough," I I give them a spin, my nerves were impressed I was always asked if she was becoming, they all nodded, Andy broke the ice and pulled out his penis and began masturbating in front of me, three kids and did the same, and began to undress and Andy pulled the dress over my head and let the kids look at me, said he was lying pornerbros in bed and open his mouth for us, laid back and brought my legs back around my shoulders as I , bent down and opened my pussy for them, ICOuld feel how wet I was, and therefore has only 4 men masturbating in front of me when I re-opened to all. Then, without saying a word, everything pornerbros just happened, I touched and touched creature found, the men on me, sucking my nipples, lick my clitoris with one finger, just rubbed my pornerbros ass, I began to suck someone, I could not have the sexy sounds pornerbros that did, only it was again and again, I was fucked by all spitroast (this is my favorite, I always wondered what it is, is better than I thought) I had a cock in each hole at one point, what a fantastic night and all that remained was a meal. thank you for a fantastic night, who you were.

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